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Executive Search - Executive Search is a systematic methodology to identify and select qualified C-level executives or senior professionals. The combined use of investigative market research, focused networking, and the experience of the relevant search consultant, enables us to offer world class Executive Search services.

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When an organization is hiring staff for a limited period of time, they prefer hiring the staff on a mutually agreed contract. This type if hiring is usually done by IT companies for completing certain projects.

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Campus recruitment is the biggest source for the corporate industry and wildly used method for hiring the best and most suitable talent from the collages. Companies hiring from campuses across India are faced with the additional challenges of selecting the appropriate campus to visit, understanding campus trends, branding themselves at campus, coordinating with the placement offices on various campuses, all of which comes at considerable effort and cost , NLFJOBS provides a complete end-to-end Campus Recruitment Solutions forming a bridge between the students and the corporate world.

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For any Organization, recruiting a new staff represents a major investment in time and resources. Permanent staffing assignments are those when you look to hire people on your payroll on a permanent basis.

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